How the Pandemic Response Has Shifted State Government Models

Now eighteen months into the pandemic response, states continue to grapple with supply change management, risk, disruption and questions around appropriate stock piles for the future.  With a still uncertain impact from the pandemic, government operations must determine the best measures to protect their supply chain operations, ensure they have adequate tracking systems, elevate and extend the supply network, discover alternate supply sources and focus on logistics.  Combine this with the need for alternate scenario planning for potential upcoming events, states need an informed, deliberate and thoughtful model to optimize efficiencies and track cost.    

Join NASCA, state and corporate members and our strategic partners to discover emerging practices to make supply chain management more resilient while reviewing potential vulnerabilities.  This Top Ten Priorities for State Chief Administrators’ event will highlight best practices to ensure government operations are working collaboratively across the enterprise and leveraging all partners.


  • Curt Topper, CAO, Pennsylvania
  • Dustin Lanier, Civic Initiatives
  • Jaime Schorr, CPO, Maine

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How states can simplify processes for cost efficiencies
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