Leave Management in Policies and Practices in State Government

Employer paid time off has long been a benefit to workers in most industries. In the public sector, however, many policies and practices are outdated and vulnerable to unexpected costs and liabilities. For example, many state governments still allow the accumulation of paid time off with little to no cap. This can result in often large payouts upon retirement or resignation. States and localities are beginning to take a close look at their policies and practices to determine a balance between what is best for the budget and what is best for the employee. Data visibility and transparency is just a start to addressing these issues. In this national webinar, you will hear from a panel of experts on issues and best practices around sound leave management policies and practice implications.


  • Alicia Hunt, State of Arkansas
  • Linda Misegadis, UKG
  • Katherine Barrett, Barrett and Greene, Inc
  • Richard Greene, Barrett and Greene, Inc

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