“It seems clear that our world has changed irreversibly. Our personal lives and our work environments will never be the same again. As we struggle to lead organizations under unprecedented conditions, our leadership skills are put to the test like never before. And as new ways of working become the norm, opportunities to lead in novel and exciting ways are emerging as the silver lining of these extenuating circumstances. This is my Covid-19 story.”

  • Julia Sanchez, Secretary General, ActionAid International

Our keynote speaker will be joined by three state CAO to bring their stories from their individual states.

  • Dan Kim, NASCA President & Director, State of California 
  • Jay Dardenne, Commissioner, State of Louisiana
  • Brom Stibitz, NASCA Vice President, Director & Chief Information Officer, State of Michigan
  • Julia Sanchez, Secretary General, ActionAid International


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