Package Description

In the midst of rapid change, the 2020 Thought Leadership Series will initiate a thoughtful and intentional conversation on innovation and change associated with today’s current conditions including the global health pandemic, the financial crisis, and the Social Justice Movement.

The Coronavirus crisis impacted every aspect of daily life, the economy, and government operations. State Chief Administrators implemented many new and innovative initiatives to rapidly respond to COVID-19 while managing the largest workforce in the state, investing in technology, changing processes, and making innovation a part of organizational and enterprise-wide culture. Additionally, around the country, the pandemic amplified historical racial inequities and disproportionate impacts for marginalized communities.

NASCA seeks to utilize this virtual professional development to assist State Chief Administrators and their senior leadership teams as they continue to play an important management role in driving innovation and accelerating resulting change for government operations.

Key Take-Aways:  

  • Understanding of why and how states chose to innovate
  • Understand the leadership decisions of where to focus efforts and priorities  
  • Apply the strategies and practices for lessons learned under the constantly evolving leadership pivots

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