We often recognize there is a change curve we have to navigate to move our organizations towards success, but how do we push beyond just managing to thriving within that curve for our organizations, teams, and individual staff.

As Bob Dylan once wrote, the times, they are a changin'. Those words may never be more true than today Robotics, a multi-generational workforce, social media, population growth, and the virtual economy. These changes are driving organizations to operate and service customers in very different ways. And, the change is constant and rapid. How do you drive a growth mindset? Join us for a discussion on how you become more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

State Learning Lab: fast paced and interactive breakouts lead by national state change management leaders. This session is aimed to meet new people as well as provide new tools and tactics to add to your change management toolbox.

Full Day 01:18:41
What is the Likelihood of Success: Managing Beyond Change Curve 00:28:35
Oh Behave: Creating a Growth Mindset 00:26:25
Speaker Bios
DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Kansas
Julie Teahan, Guidehouse

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